High-rigidity drive mechanism and innovative circuit design for loss-less audio. Breaks through to the ultimate in audio reproduction—and the very essence of music. Introducing Yamaha’s highest class CD Player—the CD-S3000.

The goal: To express the deepest emotions of the artist, to touch and move the hearts of listeners, and to deliver the utmost pleasure in the music. The S3000 series was born from this passion. In creating the CD-S3000 CD Player, we took strict, thorough steps to eliminate vibrations in the disc drive mechanism, which is the key instrument in reading the audio signals, renovated the digital/analogue circuits, and have striven to achieve musical reproduction that vastly minimises audio data loss. The result is a sound that conveys the most subtle nuances of the music and even the atmospheric ambience in the recording.


參考售價 NT$ 200,000

高剛性光碟機機械構造與創新的電路設計以達到無損音訊。 突破音訊重現的極限 — 與音樂本質的再生, Yamaha推出最高等級的CD播放機 — CD-S3000。

  • 最佳化的高精度剛性CD機械構造,超重量的鉚接,帶來絕佳的振動抑制與超精準的訊號讀取
  • 高剛性鋁質 CD 盤
  • 高剛性機箱改良防振能力與左右對稱的結構
  • 數位電路與類比電路各自獨立的架構
  • 使用整合電源供給電路的數位/類比電路板
  • 單階 I/V 轉換迴路可接直接類比輸出
  • 超高性能32-bit D/A 轉換器
  • 內建USB DAC功能
  • ASIO 2.3 Yamaha Steinberg USB驅動程式
  • 純音直通模式優化類比音訊
  • 黑色側面板需另外加價更換