New circuit design for elimination of audio loss, plus high-precision drive mechanism for reproduction accuracy. This high-grade CD player delivers the new sound of Yamaha, and is equipped with high-performance USB audio and DAC, and other advanced functions.

The S2100 Series was born from the goal to deliver new Hi-Fi components with superior musicality —components which can be created only by the world’s premier musical instrument manufacturer, Yamaha. The CD-S2100 CD player incorporates many high sound quality technologies such as a new circuit confi guration, high-performance DAC, and other features which have been adopted for use in our fl agship models, in order to extract and transmit all the audio information recorded on discs without any loss. It also includes USB audio input and advanced DAC specifi cations that let you enjoy the newest music formats including high-resolution sound sources with the best sound quality. Here is the highest level of sound quality and functionality, giving you the full experience and greatest musical enjoyment you can get from all your music contents including CDs. In the quality of the sound, in the level of the functionality, we sought to deliver the absolute best.


參考售價 NT$ 105,000

為減少音訊損失的新迴路設計,唱盤以精密機制重現精確音訊。此高級等 CD 唱盤帶來 Yamaha 的新音質,配有高效能 USB audio 及 DAC,與其它進階功能。

  • 左-右對稱結構,獨立數位/類比迴路組態,以音質為第一優先
  • 含數位/類比迴路之電源供應器,採螺絲式連接以降低傳輸時的訊號損失
  • 單階 I/V 轉換迴路可接直接類比輸出
  • 獨立電源供應器,採數位及類比訊號分離
  • 耐震優化高精密 CD 唱盤、可精確讀取音訊
  • 高剛性鋁質 CD 盤
  • 超高效能 32-bit D/A 轉換自 ESS
  • 內建 USB DAC 功能及 ASIO 2.3 Yamaha Steinberg USB 驅動
  • 極緻、流線設計、半鏡面顯示
  • 黑色側面板需另外加價更換