Relentless Pursuit of Musicality

Audio is not just sound.

If there’s music in it, that's an entirely different universe.

For audio deserving the name “Hi-Fi” the need for high-definition sound is a given, and even more than that, high expressive power is demanded.

Supreme quality sound, and dynamic expressive power are things we at Yamaha, as a premier musical instrument maker, have always pursued.

This is the rich musicality of listening enjoyment.

High-grade Hi-Fi components. The S2100 Series.

An airy, open sound in which the most minute sounds reach the listener.

Expressive power that conveys even the subtlest nuances which the artist pours into the music.

A realistic sensation that you are directly in front of the performer.

These are the goals and overriding philosophy behind the sound and sophisticated technologies inherited from the flagship S3000 Series.

Emotional & Dynamic. The sound created by the S2100 Series, reverberating vibrantly in the ears, and reverberating vibrantly in your ears, and resonating in your heart.


參考售價 : 100,000

先進原創擴大機迴路及降低音訊消散 - 成就真正具情感及動態的聲音。一款高階組合擴大機傳承自 Yamaha 追尋豐富樂音,以優質新音呈現。

  • 浮動平衡式功率擴大器採用MOSFETs輸出元件
  • 全階段完全獨立結構、平衡傳輸與及低阻抗設計
  • 以特級電子音量控制優化音質
  • 大功率電源供應器提供快速回應具活力、動感音訊
  • 對稱性結構設計重現最理想的兩聲道立體聲
  • 分離式唱頭擴大電路
  • 耳機擴大機完全獨立規劃
  • 電平儀表忠實反應音樂動態
  • 頂級實木面板高格調設計
  • 高音質揚聲器端子兼具實用與美觀